Cut off for ordering Bakery items Tuesday, Nov 20th

Cut off for ordering all Specialty cakes Sunday, Nov 18th

PIES:               All pies are 9” which serve about  6 - 9

Apple– Crumb or Traditional Top                $17.00

Cherry or Blueberry Lattice Top                   $17.00

Pumpkin Pie                                                      $17.00

Pecan Pie                                                            $20.00

Specialty Sugar Cookies:

Shortbread Royal Icing Cookies                                        $3.25/ea       
                        Pumpkins or Footballs


Holiday Cupcakes:

Buttercream with edible sugars decorations                 $3.00/ea       


 And of course any other of the 60+ items we carry everyday are available for order!