Our new cake is a Chocolate Lovers Dream!!  Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Fudge Filling, Chocolate Sprinkles around the sides, Poured Chocolate on top and add a a few delicious Chocolate Truffles on top!


All the Buttercream Flavors Above are also our Icing Options

24 hours notice only for cakes orders

** excluding holidays***Please call for more info**

72 hours notice for any fresh fruit added

NEW Chocolate Decadence Cake!

Our take on the traditional British Victoria Sponge Cake. This is a 2 layer vanilla cake with raspberry jam and our famous vanilla buttercream! This light cake is the perfect dessert when you want something simply but sweet!  Available in 5", 7" & 8" size






                                                                         Peanut Butter



​                                                                         Marshmallow



Other Fillings:

                                                                  Blueberry Preserve                        

                                                                  Cherry Preserve                                              

                                                                  Cannoli Cream

                                                                  Chocolate Fudge

                                                                  Chocolate Mousse                                                                                       

**Fresh fruit is an option based on availability and season. Out of season fruit subject to change in price. ****72 hours notice needed on all Fruit orders****  



Available in 5", 7" & 8" sizes, we can help you customize the perfect fun festive pinata cake for your special occasion.  Choose any of our fillings and icings and we then can add M&M's, Reese's Pieces, Sprinkles, Chocolate chips or almost anything you want to spill out!

Try our Vicki Sponge Cake!


All cake prices include your choice of  Flowers or Balloons in addition to an inscription

Cake Sizes:

Your choice of Chocolate or yellow cake or a combination of both!

                                        5" Round  ~  3-layers  ~  Serves 4 - 5 

                                        7" Round  ~  3-layers  ~  Serves 8 - 10 

                                        8" Round  ~  3-layers  ~  Serves 12 - 14

                                        1/4 Sheet  ~  2-layers  ~   Serves 18 - 25  

                                        1/2 Sheet  ~  2-layers  ~  Serves 40 - 50

                                        2/3 Sheet  ~  2-layers  ~  Serves 60 - 70

                                        Full Sheet  ~  2-layers ~ Serves 80 - 90