Want to do your own baking but like our fillings or icings. Many of our ingredients are available for purchase! We also sell cake and dessert boxes.

Vanilla Buttercream                  16oz $6.00       32oz $12.00

Colored Vanilla Buttercream      16oz $7.00       32oz $14.00

Mocha Buttercream                  16oz  $6.50      32oz $13.00

Chocolate Buttercream             16oz  $6.50      32oz $13.00

Oreo, Nutella & Reese's

   Peanut Butter Buttercream    16oz  $7.00      32oz $14.00

Cannoli Cream                          16oz  $9.00      32oz $18.00

Chocolate Mousse                     16oz  $9.00      32oz $18.00

Fruit Preserves                         16oz  $5.50      32oz  $11.00

    -Lemon, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry or Apple (cubed)

No Sugar Added Apple

  Preserve (sliced)                     16oz  $6.50       32oz  $12.00

Vanilla or Chocolate Custard     16oz  $5.00      32oz  $10.00

​Sanding Sugar                          8oz   $2.50       16oz  $5.00

    - Plain or colored, call for current colors available

​Sprinkles & Non Pareils            8oz   $2.50        16oz  $5.00

    - Chocolate, Green, Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Pink or Orange sprinkles - multi non-pareils

Edible Sugar Decorations         $.50/ea

     - Soccer Balls, Footballs, Flowers, emojis, assorted birthday, assorted baby, bees, ladybugs, doves, snowflakes.. CALL FOR CURRENT LIST AND AVAILABILITY  

Cannoli Chips                            $7/lb

Cannoli Shells      

                    Large Regular       $1.50/ea

                    Mini Regular         $.80/ea

                    Large Chocolate    $2.00/ea

                    Mini Chocolate      $1.25/ea

Our Famous Crumbs                  $7/lb

Un-iced Cakes - vanilla or chocolate

                    5" - $2.00/ea

                    7" - $3.00/ea

                    8" - $3.00/ea

 Un-iced Cupcakes - vanilla or chocolate    $1.00/ea

18" or 22" disposable piping bags  $.50