COMING SOON!.......Take home Cupcake & Cake kits

Want to do your own baking but like our fillings or icings. Many of our ingredients are available for purchase! We also sell cake and dessert boxes.

Vanilla Buttercream                  16oz $6.00       32oz $12.00

Colored Vanilla Buttercream      16oz $7.00       32oz $14.00

Mocha Buttercream                  16oz  $6.50      32oz $13.00

Chocolate Buttercream             16oz  $6.50      32oz $13.00

Oreo Buttercream                     16oz  $7.00      32oz $14.00

Cannoli Cream                          16oz  $9.00      32oz $18.00

Chocolate Mousse                     16oz  $9.00      32oz $18.00

Fruit Preserves                         16oz  $5.50      32oz  $11.00

    -Lemon, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry or Apple (cubed)

No Sugar Added Apple

  Preserve (sliced)                     16oz  $6.50       32oz  $12.00

Vanilla or Chocolate Custard     16oz  $5.00      32oz  $10.00

​Sanding Sugar                          8oz   $2.50       16oz  $5.00

    - Plain or colored, call for current colors available

​Sprinkles & Non Pareils            8oz   $2.50        16oz  $5.00

    - Chocolate, Green, Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Pink or Orange sprinkles - multi non-pareils

Edible Sugar Decorations         $.50/ea

     - Soccer Balls, Footballs, Flowers, emojis, assorted birthday, assorted baby, bees, ladybugs, doves, snowflakes.. CALL FOR CURRENT LIST AND AVAILABILITY  

Cannoli Chips                            $7/lb

Cannoli Shells      

                    Large Regular       $1.50/ea

                    Mini Regular         $.80/ea

                    Large Chocolate    $2.00/ea

                    Mini Chocolate      $1.25/ea

Our Famous Crumbs                  $7/lb

Un-iced Cakes - vanilla or chocolate

                    5" - $2.00/ea

                    7" - $3.00/ea

                    8" - $3.00/ea

 Un-iced Cupcakes - vanilla or chocolate    $1.00/ea

18" or 22" disposable piping bags  $.50