Egg cake:                                                   


*Vanilla cake with choice of fudge or vanilla buttercream filling

                                  Choice of egg color: White, Yellow or Lavender

*Cannot guarantee flower or decoration color

Sugar Cookies:  

Colored Sugar Chick or Bunny                                         $2.50/ea

Colored sugar Eggs                                                             $2.00/ea or

Royal Icing Sugar Cookie with Easter Sugar                  $3.00/ea

Easter Cupcakes:

Buttercream w/ Easter sprinkles and edible glitter    $3.00/ea

Bunny Butt Cupcakes                                                         $2.75/ea

Petit Fours

With buttercream flower                                                  $2.50/ea

With edible sugar decoration                                          $3.00/ea


Danish Rings

Meltaway, Cheese filled or Almond Paste filled           $16.00


9” Crumb Top Pies:

Choice Of: Apple, Blueberry or Cherry                           $18.00

 And you can always order any of the over 50 items we stock in the store!

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All Easter orders for pick up on Saturday April 15th must be placed by Wednesday April 12th